Hi, I'm Christian Taylor. I am a YouTuber, entrepreneur, and drummer.



Craylor Media offers content and consulting to help you build your online brand. When you're getting started with your online presence, we can help you find the right tools and strategies to kickstart your business.

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I help people boost their entrepreneurship journey with content that inspires.

Hi, I’m Christian Taylor. I’m a content creator, drummer, and entreprenuer. I run a YouTube channel with a focus on online branding and marketing.

I’ve been an entrepreneur from a young age, starting my first business when I was 13 years old. Now, I’m the co-founder of My Sermon Notes, a discipleship-first church app.

My passion is to be a resource for your digital branding and marketing! Whether you need to know how to build a website for your business, tips for social media, or which email marketing system to use, I am here to help.


When I'm not doing brand work, I'm probably playing drums. I'm available for gigs and session work in the Nashville area.